Nicholas Eames' fantasy debut Kings of the Wyld has proved to be a stand out book of 2017! Our exclusive limited edition was our fastest selling book, ever! It is now a highly sought after collectible. The print run for this was limited to 350 signed and numbered first editions. Nicholas Eames signed these books in person at Orbit's central office in London in May 2017. Of the 350 copies that Nick signed, he inscribed about 20, randomly with the words: "BE KIND", which is a quote from the book. This book was accompanied by 8 postcard sized character cards which were produced from concept sketches by Scott McCauley, a personal friend of the author. Each card features a different character from the novel: GABE, CLAY COOPER, GANELON, MOOG, MATRICK, LARKSPUR, KALLOREK, and LASTLEAF. 
Shortly after, we asked Orbit to reprint the hardback for us due to high demand for the book. (Worldwide the book was released as a paperback original, the hardback was exclusive to Anderida Books.) Apart from being a reprint, the second printing differs from the first printing as it has no limitation or numbered statement on the title page. It also doesn't have map end-papers which was an exclusive feature of the limited edition. The second printing can be considered the first trade edition as it is the first non-limited edition. For this printing, Nicholas signed Orbit bookplates and added a quote from the book. Most bookplates have the inscription: "BE KIND", a few bookplates have other inscriptions. As the original 8 character cards that came with the limited edition were so popular, 5 new ones were produced to accompany the second printing, again taken from drawings by Scott McCauley. Each card features a character or object from the novel: TIAMAX, KIT, TAINO, BLACKHEART (Clay Cooper's shield) and favourite of many, OWLBEAR. 
The second printing/trade edition hardcover is available to buy on this website for £30 plus shipping.